Stay Safe

Meeting the required standard for fire door protection is a valuable task. It is important to ensure that this is never underestimated. The correct fire door installation and maintenance is crucial to ensure every business in which it applies to, is complying with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

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Why Six-Monthly Fire Door Inspections Are Important

Fire Doors are a vital part of fire protection and so it is important to carry out regular inspections. The recommended regularity of fire door inspections is every six-months by BS 9999. This is important to ensure fire doors perform as intended in the event of a fire. When a fire door survey is carried out it is important that every component of the doorset is extensively checked. The survey must be carried out by a certified fire door inspector ensuring every component of the doorset is assessed for wear, damage and faults properly.

It is important to act immediately if any problems are identified with your fire doors. Any alterations to the doorset could affect the doors performance. Do not postpone fixing any issues identified as fire doors and any components not to the required standard could have immeasurable consequences in the event of a fire.

At Fire Door Safety Inspection we can offer you the peace of mind by providing you with one of our experienced and certified fire door inspectors. We work with all our clients to find the safest and most cost effective solutions to any issues which may be highlighted during our inspection.